Now in Partnership with Chelle Systems

Construction of Raft Foundations in accordance with engineers designs.

Cost effective and suitable for all soil conditions including:

  1. Soil with high clay content
  2. Soil with collapsible content
  3. Dolomite areas

Uses in Construction

  1. Stiffened floor slab for strip foundations.
  2. Piled raft foundations
  3. Stiffened raft foundations
  4. Void formers only
  5. Insulation under slabs
  6. Stiffened factory slabs

Systems Advantage

  1. Concrete waste reduction
  2. Fast installation
  3. High quality of finished properties
  4. Good insulation properties
  5. No compaction of filling to finish floor level – save costs
  6. Easy and Quick installation
  7. Squared block layouts
  8. No imported filling required to finish floor level – save costs
  9. High freeboard of finished foundations to assist with drainage
  10. Limited ground works – Installation not severely affected by weather
  11. Rebar protected against corrosion
  12. 400mm free board
  13. Under surface bed drainage systems

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